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I’ve been seeing a lot of these lately and while I’m sure this is none of my business because everyone’s entitled to their opinions and they can think whatever they want of a certain/artist song, I still felt I needed to say something about it.

first and foremost, block b always had the image of being “a hip-hop group”, which is partly true since their first label focused a lot on that and three of the members (including the leader and composer of the group) are rappers. but this is not the case. you can’t take block b as a full-time hip-hop group when they don’t claim that themselves (1/2) (3/4). 

that being said, and knowing that block b always emphasize how they like to try everything they can (1/2), it doesn’t make much sense stating a song such as “HER” isn’t like them. because what exactly are you considering “block b style”? remember they debuted with freeze!, a pop-ish track that zico said was meant to have a far east movement feel (1). their follow-up track was a whole lot more hiphop-ish, and their first comeback was with tell them, an almost-cutesy-but-not-exactly-cute concept. their albums have a lot of softer songs (1/2/3/4) instead of the badass type of music people usually associate them with. they made it clear overtime that they shouldn’t be linked to a certain genre (1/2) (3/4). there’s no such thing as a block b style because block b are always recreating their style. 

so, you guys shouldn’t worry about “HER” being “block b style” or not. it is. because block b is a group - as it has been said a billion times already - that likes to try. they could come back with a ballad (and promote it). they could come back with a more mature concept, maybe a sexy concept. they could come back with something catchy like nalina. they could come back with a freaking trot and it would still be block b. my point being: don’t think you know what block b is gonna do next. you don’t.

(and imo, that’s what music is about. creating and recreating. but that’s just me.)

maybe HER isn’t your style. and that’s only normal, music preference is something personal. but saying it’s not block b, or saying they are not “the old block b anymore” simply doesn’t sound right.


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